Go In, Stay In, Tune In

 All Local Authorities in Cumbria are working hard to make sure that Cumbria is as prepared as it can be in the event of a major emergency and that you are ready too. By being informed and prepared, you can significantly reduce the risk to life and property.

Newspapers, web based media, television and radio stations will start to report a major emergency almost as soon as it happens and will receive regular updates from the team coordinating the response to the crisis.

View the list for local radio station or visit a local website (PDF 14kb)

Where appropriate, special phone numbers for additional information or help will be advertised in the media but you should use these only if you need to, in order to prevent overloading the telephone system.

We have designated several accessible and suitably equipped public buildings across Cumbria which can serve as emergency shelters for people displaced from their homes.

Each would be staffed by a mixed team of people to provide a range of support services to help you stay as comfortable as possible until you could return home or go to other temporary lodgings.

Information on where to find the shelters would be provided by local media, by the police and by other members of the emergency response teams in the area involved.

Connecting in a Crisis' is an initiative by the BBC to help ensure that the public has the information it needs and demands during a civil emergency

For more information please see the BBC Website (External link)

Many voluntary bodies have properly trained and uniformed volunteers who can assist the emergency services during an emergency. These organisations include Women's Institute, St. John Ambulance, British Red Cross Society, Salvation Army and Raynet (the radio amateurs' emergency network). You may wish to join such an organisation and offer to be trained in preparedness for a major incident - but during an actual emergency it is no longer possible for untrained individuals to offer to help, because of insurance and liability issues. The best way citizens can assist during an emergency is to keep clear of the affected area where possible and to cooperate promptly with any instructions given by the emergency services.

Information on voluntary organisations

For copies of the public information linked to Cumbria's COMAH and REPPIR sites