Cumbria Resilience Forum also produces the Community Risk Register (PDF 318KB), which lists possible risks, their probability of occurring and potential impact.

The Community Risk Register (CRR) provides information on the biggest emergencies that could happen in Cumbria, together with an assessment of how likely they are to happen and the impacts if they do. This includes the impacts to people, their houses, the environment and local businesses.

It is designed to inform people about the risks that could occur where they live, so they can think about what they can do to be better prepared in their homes, communities and businesses.

Looking at all of the risks together can also help emergency services, local authorities and other organisations plan their joint response. The CRR aims to help these agencies make decisions on emergency planning work, and will help them develop better relationships whilst considering their capabilities and capacity.

An analysis of Risks within the United Kingdom in 2012 identified a number of common consequences. These were consequences that resulted from a range of risks that were unrelated in nature. For instance both inland flooding and a road accident involving hazardous chemicals can lead to people being displaced from their place or work or home.

In 2022 Cumbria Local Resilience Forum has also prepared a Community Risk Register information leaflet and booklet format - Cumbria Community Risk Register Booklet (PDF 1MB).

Community Risk Register Explained is a short video by 30days30waysUK, which helps set out how the Cumbria Community Risk Register is prepared.